Recommendations cutting 10mm EVA Foam

HI everyone, new to the forum. I bought the Reizer Laser to play around with a bunch of different projects and so far have really loved it. I am looking for suggestions on cutting EVA foam 10mm panels for COSPLAY armor for my kids. I have tried 25mm/sec at 65% power and it takes 3 passes and doesn’t always get through additionally it superheats the edges and they pucker and shrink back making bonding them difficult. I know it can be done, just looking for anyone that has mastered it that can give some suggestions on speed and power settings. Thank you !!!

Have you tried air assist? If you have something that can pump air, a plug in pump of any kind, and put a nozzle on it and direct it at a test cut, you’ll see if it’s beneficial or not.

The air will cool the surface as well as make for a cleaner cut. Might be what you need.

LW, Thank you. I did buy the brass nozzle and was due to install that tonight on my compressor. Thanks again!

I don’t know if that’ll help or not, but for me it has. But I’ve not tried EVA foam or too many plastics.