Recommended Laser Cutters

I’ve been offline for about three months during my move from Chicago to SW Colorado. I’m looking to get a new laser cutter which works well with LightBurn. I’d like to find a decent 80W-100W machine with a larger workspace than my K40 unit. I’d like features such as air-assist, rotation device, laser guide, and power Z-leveling. I’ve seem some where one can feed in oversized stock from the back which seems nice.

Is there anything in the $3000 - $5000 range which LightBurn enthusiasts would recommend?

Epilog can’t run Lightburn, though.

I haven’t used one but some folks seem to think that the lasers offered by Automation Technologies near Chicago are pretty decent and at least one or two fit within your budget. If you can spend a bit more, the Thunderlaser Nova 24 has been working fine for me for the past couple of years.

I have a friend with a Epilog Mini that would probably be very interested in Epilog support.

A used or new Epilog for 3 to 5 grand isn’t going to happen though. At that price range it’s a straight up Chinese import.
I think it depends on are you willing to do a little work to tweak them into great shape.
I have a 50 watt ( yah more like 45 ) from Orion Tech. Same laser is sold from other vendors but I got it off Amazon for ease. They sell the 80 and 100 watt version one of which I think has a motorized Z although it’s not automatic up and down.
Again same version sold by many sellers.
I had. A 40 watt FSL laser first and this 50 watt is superb to the fsl 40 for half the money.
Anyway these have a ruida so they run light burn.
An 80 watt machine is a nice mid ground machine unless you need a 100 watts.
For An 80 watt machine at or under 5 large a Chinese import is the option.
Not all suck and mine has run flawless for over a year. I am a retired laser field engineer so I know to expect. Yah the optics are second tier but that’s easy to replace and so far they have been decent as been the whole machine…for it’s price.
On these imports usually tubes…power supply’s optics etc are easy upgrades as long as you are going to a longer tube. I am upgrading my 50 to a true 60 watt tube which is longer but the machine is set up with a panel to be removed for a longer tube so the mod is easy so to be speak.

I was responding to the OP who wanted an 80-100 watt machine with a larger work surface I was not responding with suggestions to smaller machines that were not what he specified. A Zing 24 at what wattage…could be anything from 30 80 watts so simply saying I have friend who blah blah blah means nothing unl;ess it was an 80 watts laser…although an EPi 60 would perform superior to any chinese 80 watt machine.
I simply followed his spec for price and size was all…

I have a boss laser and it was worth every cent.

What do you think would be the downside of going with a unit like this?

No cooler - crazy not to have one for a purported 100W system.

I would question the ‘100W’ claim, too. A 6090 with a 100W tube will have a large extension tube out the right hand side.

Ask them what brand and model of tube they’re using.