Recommended speed and power

New laser user here. I am wondering if there is a good list of recommended power and speed settings for different materials and thicknesses.

That is very difficult as every laser and batch of material will be different, even lasers that are the same wattage will perform differently depending on how well they are aligned, age of tube, etc. The best way is to do a lot of experimenting with different settings and when you find what works, add it to the material library in LightBurn.


These might be of help as starting points for you.


Thank you so much, Rick and Anthony. This is exactly what I was looking for. I just need a starting point for running my own experiments.

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FYI, I used the forum search to find this. I have a bit of a leg up as I have seen this information shared before. :wink: Searched for “Boss material settings”.

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Gotcha. I did try to search the forum for this before asking, but I searched for “power speed material settings,” and that did not bring up what I was looking for. I’m actually surprised that didn’t bring up “Boss material settings.” I had two out of the three words!

Thanks for pointing that out. I have added some tags to that post to increase the odds it will be returned by search.


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Here’s another source. Power/Speed parameters in middle of page.

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This is also a good source for a reference but as others have said there are a few variables that offset the information.

This should give you a guide of where to at least start.

Another great reference to use in order to understand some of the substrates which we engrave and cut in is here

This is one of my favorites, very well done


Sasquach in the GPNW

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I am also a newbie and been doing a lot of reading. Really appreciate your help so far. But I have a question? All the guides previously mentioned are for high powered lasers and I have a small 7w jtech laser attached to a X-Carve machine with xcontroller running GRBL 1.1g. How can I get a guide that will reference my 7w laser?

Is anyone out there willing to share their Lightburn library? I am using an x-carve with a 4.2 Jtech laser. Very happy with it but need some guidance

If there is a library for the 4.2 w Jtech laser can you point me in the right direction?