Recover device settings from a backup?

Hey, guys.
Had to wipe my Mac and reinstall the os, but forgot to backup the device settings. I have a full backup the the old os and can access all of the light burn files, is there any chance that I can access my saved machine settings? I really don’t want to do the scanning offsets again.
Thanks in advance.

Look for a file called prefs.ini in your local Preferences folder. I’m no longer on Mac so can’t check the specific location but it will be something local to your user. You can check for your current location by going to File->Open prefs folder.

Copy the backed-up prefs.ini file over the file in your current location while LB is off. Restart LB and hopefully you’ll be recovered.

Might search for the .lbset files. On Linux I run…

find ~/ -iregex ".*\.lbset" -exec ls -l {} \;

anything after the end quotes are not needed (the -exec)

-rw-rw-r-- 1 jack jack 12973 Jan  3 11:37 /home/jack/.config/LightBurn/backup/machine_settings/jhhZGM4LWY/20220103_113714.lbset

I didn’t write this and I assume it’s a lightburn backup file.


Finally found the files, they ended up being in a hidden folder for some reason, that’s why I couldn’t locate them. Had to do a deep scan to find the folder. Just in case somebody else will have the same problem, the path on a Mac is:

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