Recover license key

Where do I get a license key?
I downloaded lightburn (trial) a few months ago to go with my ORTUR laser master 2 15w laser. I played with it to build up confidence. I did test burns, tile etching, canvas engraving, & boxes. Most of the time I failed and some were OK (not perfect). All of the failures where cause by my short-term memory (getting old @78 sucks). I still liked the software and the ORTUR and purchased a license in April 2021.
My problem is, I cannot remember what sequence I needed to follow to setup the laser consistently. I used the forum and you tube, (side by side) which did help.
I got frustrated while printing a picture on canvas. The picture (processed thru GIMP) on the 11”x14” canvas would not frame the canvas correctly. Left to right was OK (x axis) the vertical always went to 14.325” (just a little bit too much). I tried to find a solution to this problem to no avail. The picture was 10.75”x 13.75” a border around it was slightly larger. When I starting the laser (shift frame) the laser was OK left to right, vertical was longer and I didn’t want to burn the table top. I got frustrated. Maybe it’s the GRBL and searched for a new one. That didn’t work. This is over three hours of setting up the burn. I tried re loading too. Frustrated, I went into devices and deleted the GRBL’s, nothing left. Reload the device! That did not work, there was nothing to select. 5 hours later I decided to delete the laser master software from the control panel programs and devices.
I went to and down loaded lightburn. It looked like it loaded and then it asked me for my activation key. I can’t find it any ware. I don’t know what to do. I want the software and I need my activation key. Can you help?

Not familiar with this site you mention. LightBurn is available directly from our website here: Download & Trial - Try before you buy – LightBurn Software

When you purchased your license, you will have been sent a follow-on email with your key, and information about it. Search all email, including your spam and promotions folders, for “LightBurn License Key”, to find the message sent after your order completed.

You should also be able to use our License Management Portal (← click that) to find the key and manage the allocation of your seats.

If you still can’t find, send an email to:, and we can help you there. We want to avoid sharing personal information here in public.