Recovering from HD failure need help!

I am almost fully recovered from a stressful main hard drive failure. but one setting in lightburn is not acting correctly. the scanning offset for some reason is not allowing me to enter 4 decimal places (0.0045) and is only displaying 2 decimal places.

can someone please help? I need 4 decimal places.

scanning offset 1

scanning offset 2

I thought it only allowed 2 decimal places in mm mode but 4 in inches mode. Which are you? Looks like mm.

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That must be it! where is that setting found? Thank you!!!

edit: found it!!!

does anyone know where on the hard drive does it store the layer settings?

specifically what file to copy from my old hard drive if I can find it

EDIT: found it!

It’s here if anyone ever needs it (only your profile)


it’s the prefs.ini file

You can also get to that folder easier by selecting File/Open Prefs Folder from the LightBurn toolbar.

Sounds good! I needed to know the path for recovering the file on a damaged hard drive that couldn’t run any programs.

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