Recovery Laser Setting

Hello for all!
I have a simple question. My Windows do not boot because the hard drive is in not good condition.
I must replace it but, I want know if I can recovery the laser setting from old drive and reload it in the new installation.
I’ve never done a backup

Thank you very much

There are some configuration files that can be moved. The question is can you access the files on the ‘not good condition’ drive.

I suggest you copy what you can off the drive, if you can… There is no magic here…

Someone will have to drop in on where the configuration files are for a windows box…

Hopefully you have learned about backups. :blush:

Good luck


I can read the old driver but i do not know which files should I copy and where is it!

If you value any of them I’d think you pick up all you could.

I don’t know where windows stuff lives, probably where all the programs put the stuff, much like linux.

If you can search it, I’d look for ‘lightburn’ as part of a filename.


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