Rectangles and Circles

Question regarding filled lines: when burning rectangles (and circles) Lightburn sends the laser side to side.
This is great for the filled lines parallel to the laser travel (left and right) but not so good for vertical filled lines, it takes a lot of time for the verticals. It burns a tiny piece of one end, travels across and then burns a tiny piece of the other end, then moves up a micro amount and does it all over again, until eventually the sides of the rectangle are complete (a circle is similar).

So is there a command that burns the filled lines of a rectangle (or circle) by having the laser “follow the outline” of the shape (instead of only going left and right)?

And can this command be layer specific? In other words, if I set the rectangle on a separate layer, can the “follow the outline” command affect only that rectangle (or circle)? The other images on other layers aren’t affected by it.

I hope this is clear, I don’t want to make a video.


You can look at Offset Fill mode and Flood Fill option. Note that there are potential quality compromises these can introduce and will have their own idiosyncrasies but may prove useful in specific circumstances.

These are applied on layer settings so are layer specific.

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