Red Cross in preview

What causes this red cross to appear in some previews?


Hi Steve
The red cross is the last location of your engraving

If you use the slider and move it back and forward you will see it represents the location of the laser.
so at the end of the engraving the laser will park on that location
(assuming you do not have return to x0 y0)

Understood, but what I find strange is that it is not always there.

It is here -

but if I remove a letter, it is gone

Not that it is a big issue, but can be a bother sometimes when I send proofs to customers, they come back to ask what the red dot is (even when I advise them to disregard it).

try using your mouse wheel to zoom out, it must be somewhere there
But is really a indicator of laser position nothing more than that

I just tested this in my system. The red crosshair is in the previes window but when I save image it is not in the resulting png file. Perhaps you should send that rather than a screenshot of the preview window.

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