Red dot issue on my 50w C02 laser

Have any of you guys had this issue with your C02 laser machine? My red dot looks like this now after engraving a cup. Its brand new maybe 8hrs of use

That thing is useless to begin with, the dot moves as you set your distance, making it not accurate for placement. Best thing to do is to buy you a couple of these and find you a file for a red dot holder to attached to your head. It will make a cross hair and it will be accurate for laser head placement.

It looks like it might’ve been bumped, and is now hitting the nozzle, or it could be dirty / smoky, muddying the output.

I tried vacuuming and compressed air and no change

Hard to tell from the picture you provided. How is your red dot produced? Produced from tube, produced with a beam combiner or is this red dot mounted to the side of the head?

If head-side mounted, there should be a set screw and a way to adjust the angle and height of the mounting to bring back into focus. Something like this:


Another picture showing your red dot unit and mounting would help confirm.

The other red dot systems would require beam and / or mirror realignment.

its mounted off the side of the head unit, here is a picture when it was working right earlier today

You will get the hang of it in no time as you might have to do this frequently. :slight_smile:

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The setup I was talking about can be seen in this picture. It’s simple and cheap to do. I will convert the file I used to cut the holder out of acrylic into a LB file and post it. Just adjust the holes as need to fit your laser head and red dots.

Here is the LB file for the mount.Cross hair mount.lbrn (7.0 KB)


I tried adjusting my red dot, no change i think its just shot. Ill look to get a setup like your crosshair