Red dot not following engraving on Galvo laser

. I have the framing laser dialed in is there a way to adjust the red dot that follows the engraving?

Do you mean the laser focusing dot or the laser beam that comes out of the galvo that does your framing?

The framing can follow outlines of the art… Do you mean while it’s actually running?


Yes while its running. I see most of the red lasers track the the working laser pretty close. It doesn’t cause me issues just curious if there is a way to make it move in alignment. Thx

I don’t think the framing leds work the same across the different machines, but I don’t know.

I’ve read that some are generated within the source and some have additional beam splitters.

Since I really don’t know how they work, It’s hard to say if they can be enabled to display.

Someone with a higher knowledge level of the hard/software needs to chime it…

Good luck…


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