Red Dragon Laser

Does anyone have recent experience purchasing and using a laser sourced from Red Dragon Laser in Wales.
I appreciate that their lasers are of Chinese origin, most are of course. I just like the option of supporting a UK based company. While speaking to them on the phone they have been incredibly helpful.
My real question is… are the lasers of good quality?

Might want to post a link for us to look at…


I was looking for an 80 or 100watt CO2,
Was asking about the bed as I wanted blades and honeycomb… they were able to help with that.
RECI tube … they were able to help there too. Autofocus was not possible… however, at the end of the day how difficult is it to push a button to lift the bed, motorised but not stepper, and If I really wanted I could retro fit autofocus. The dimensions were also critical for space for me and there was a little confusion on my part regarding the published dimensions… This they clarified and I will have room to fit the laser into my garage.

In the end I have ordered a refurbished RDL6040 with 100w RECI tube and Blades and Honeycomb. With the 100w tube fitted the extension box is only 300mm, for a total width of 1600mm.

Delivery not until 11th Jan….

can i ask you the price of the refurbished?

Their prices don’t look bad. I’ve just ordered a 6040 with a 75w RECI tube direct from the factory in China, by the time I get it will have probably cost me around £2.5K.