Red light framing with arrow keys in Lightburn

Hi. I recently tried to use my arrow keys to move the red framing on my laser again, and it has a specific pattern that always repeats when I touch the arrow keys while framing.
First it will actually move the red frame the first time I push the key, the second time it won’t move, and Lightburn freezes ( I think it’s already frozen before I push it the second time ).
After a short delay the red frame stops (Lightburn still frozen), and there’s only the centered red laser.
After another short delay the red frame will reappear, and Lightburn appears to have recovered from the freeze, but the arrow keys do nothing and attempting to push the arrow keys again will initiate another freeze.
Another observation I had was that in the time the red frame disappears and re-appears, I can close the framing menu in Lightburn, but the red framing still re-appears after a while, and I’ll have to turn off the laser for it to return to normal.

Please help :slight_smile:

Did you figure this out? I have the issue as of yesterday.

Can you check to make sure your USB cable is secure? If the connection to the laser gets broken, even very briefly, it would cause this.

What was the final result ?

From what I’ve gathered it happens because when holding down the arrow keys it floods lightburn with input and causes a problem, I was able to move the red frame multiple times when tapping the arrows quickly. I haven’t looked much more into it or even tried to fix it yet, but I think I located the issue.
A fix might be to make it so that the keyboard doesn’t send many signals when holding down the key. Or trying different keyboards.

As I replied to him above.

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