Red light on power button some start up issues

Been using the ortur laser cutter master 3 and lightburn program with no problems so far, mastering the editing etc. Today i was trying to prompt the OS program up so i can choose the com port 5 which the laser cutter and computer work on. Already to use the laser kicked in as usual and worked for about 20 seconds and then cut out, red light comes up on the power button and shows G-code locked out during alarm or jog state error 9. The machine was never jogged just left it to get on and cut, Did press the reset button to get it going again, switched of the computer and cutter off and back on again but still in the error mode with red light, so god knows what happened there. Anyone know how i can sort this out please, what do i do next.

Try pushing the Stop button in Laser window. If that doesn’t work, suggest you again try resetting and power cycling the laser.

Thanks for your advise. I found what the problem was. The Ortur power supply was not connected as i walked out the workshop i must have brushed past the plug cable which was lose anyway, thats why the machine just stopped. So when i looked again i found the plug on the supply needed pushing in. Tried again just to see if that was the fault and it all worked as normal.

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