Red Positioning Light Issue

Hi All,

I’m a newbie when it comes to troubleshooting my CO2 80w laser but have been using it the past year. Today I was using it, took a break, then when I turned it back on my red positioning light wasn’t on/not working anymore. Any idea why that is? Does this mean I probably need a replacement part? Thanks in advance!

One thing I should mention is that I can pulse the machine and get a burn so I know my tube is working still

You can check the wiring for any breaks, since it’s head mounted it will be moving all the time. A check for a physical bread would be the first place to check.

It’s just an LED wired to 5v usually. If there are no wiring problems, then check for supply voltage…

After that you may need a new LED… :frowning:

I ripped mine off within a month or less of the machines arrival. It was always wrong and difficult to align with… Got tired of messing with it…

Good luck


Oh I appreciate that! I’ll check the wiring today. It’s funny I work on my woodworking tools and know how to fix them but then this happened I was like I turned it off and on so many times and reset the transformer to the machine and was a deer in headlights! :rofl: anyway, thank you again and I’ll let you know. Have a great day!

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