Hello everyone! I have a neje e40 80w, I use lightburn. However, when I engrave the text I have a reflection and it doesn’t engrave as set. How do I set it up?

If I’m reading you right, that the artwork is mirrored, the origin is not right in the Device settings.

Most of these home front left, but it may vary.


You could also try “Reverse Rotary Direction” if this only happens with the rotary.

Where is “Reverse Rotary Direction” ?

It’s in the rotary setup gui…


I don’t have that option.

Use mirror output to rotary. You do have your rotary enabled?

Does it work on the table properly?


When I enable it to rotate it doesn’t work.

Are you on the right axes?

Did you read through this?


Yes, I am. But nothing happens.

And you followed the setup guide?


Yes. Noting happened.

Is this a factory rotary for that machine?

Does this mean no movement?

If so, then I’d double check your cabling and ensure you don’t have something crossed up… it should move, maybe not right but move.


In what sense should I check the cables?
I tried everything, it doesn’t work.

Does it not rotate. It helps if you can answer my questions.

Sometimes they come loose, got re-inserted backwards… bent pins… cat vomits in them, lots of mechanical issues pop up.


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I replaced the cables, but now my letters are lengthening.

Hello Milo Some photos would really help, I think the terminology is making this more difficult then it should be. Lots of photos, even a video.

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