Reinstalled LB and now the power is TOO HIGH

Hello! Thanks for reading this. I had to install lightburn on a new computer and now when I cut and score, the power is WAY too high. Yesterday I cut my material at 17mm/s and 37% power. Today the same material is getting burned up at 20mm/s and 7% power. I also can’t get the power low enough to score. I used to score at 20mm/s and 12.5% power. Now that cuts right through. Even scoring at 80mm/s and 1% power is cutting through at the corners. Help! It’s a 100w OMTech laser.

I saw the ammeter that came with the machine and it’s running at 14 mA at 7% power

I don’t know how Lightburn could change that aspect. It only sends the percentage of pwm, that’s independent of the rest of the operation.

Can you use the old computer to ensure it will work properly there.


thank you for replying. I can’t get to the old computer anymore. It died yesterday :sob:

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