Reinstalled Lightburn now camera acting up

I changed computers and reuploaded Lightburn. I calibrated the lens and the camera alignment. Many times. First issue happened as I was burning a watch band. I use a jig so it’s always perfect regarding placement. The band has a phrase and a couple of dragonflies. It moved just one dragonfly over, off the band. Next issue that happened is when I hit the “update overlay” it showed the new image almost zoomed in. What I mean is, I had cut a jig, now the band that goes in the jig is in miniature size versus the matching size to the jig. The overlay it was showing was not showing the entire bed like it normally does. Calibrated yet again. Now it shows the whole bed, the normal way, but it’s super dark and almost fuzzy. And it’s messing up the engrave again, moving parts of the image over, yikes!

Then, when I hit “update overlay” it’s like it zoomed in. It wasn’t showing the whole bed, and my image of the band was in miniature compared to the camera view of the bed, I know this because the hole form the jig was much bigger than the band.

Then, the

Make sure your workspace is sized appropriate and matches your laser.

What do you mean?

Your workspace is the area where you design and that represents the working area of your laser. It can be modified in Edit->Device Settings. Make sure that the workspace area matches the actual size of your working laser area. If it’s smaller than your actual area this can cause the effect of zooming in on the camera.

This is what the workspace looks like:

Ah ok, thank you. Yea, I just looked and it is perfect, this is maddening! The darkness where I can’t see anything really and then moving stuff over….clearly a software issue. I had this happen once before a few months ago, and it somehow worked itself out and was stable until I switched computers.

Cheesus, I figured out the issue not being able to see anything. The little toggles for auto exposure and auto brightness. I unclicked them and manually adjusted. Wtf!

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Nice. Another user mentioned that opening the camera outside of Lightburn and changing settings there will retain those settings in LightBurn. So not sure if that happened to you.

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