Relay for Ruida control

Hi all. can any one tell me a suitable relay from Aliexpress to use with my Ruida board RDC6442S please as I want to turn the air assist as well as the extractor fan on /off
what I needed to know was the voltage of the coils. part number, etc ,
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This is the board that I use with my Ruida Controller, it’s worked well for me so far.
The Ruida “Wind” ouput is 24Vdc and the relay board is compatible. It will switch 0-240Vac/dc up to 10A. This was more than enough for my unit.
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Thanks for the info Rustin !!

So i need a 24 volt not a 240 volt coil ??

The power input of the coil wire requires 24 volts to create magnetic conditions and the operation of the contacts, but at the output of the relay you can connect a voltage of 1 volt to 240 volts.

Nice, I like that. Bookmarked for future reference,

Thanks for the info…but that does not tell me what one to purchase, for example what is the max current can Ruida supply to the relay coils

It’s 500mA on each of the CN1 contacts. It’s in the manual.

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Whatever you wish to switch it has to be driven by the Ruida. It uses ‘sink’ as an output, so you connect whatever you are driving to 24 volts and the other side to the Ruida. When the Ruida pin goes active it completes the circuit to ground or 'sink’s the current.

I have my fan and compressor connected to a SSR, it switches the 120v ac from the mains to the devices.

I use this pneumatic solenoid for my air assist. I actually use two of them when I use my big compressor. It draws about 150ma, well within the Ruida specifications.

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For upgrading your air assist to work with a compressor you don’t need a relay. The way most of the upgrade kits any diys work is to connect a 24V NC Selenoid to CN1 on your controller. One wire connects to 24V (pin 6) and the other to Wind (pin 5). Then go into the controller settings and make sure to turn Air Assist on. Most of the kits include either a small valve or flow restrictor so you can run a bypass line around the selenoid and control the amount of air (about 5psi) for when your not cutting and using the air assist.

The selenoid I used was $14.99 on Amazon. Here is the link.

TAILONZ PNEUMATIC 1/4 inch NPT 12V/24V/110V/220V Way Normally Closed Electric Solenoid Air Valve 2V025-08

Thanks for the Info Gregg and Helena :grinning: :grinning:

I used this relay stack for 2 solenoids. The 24vdc ones.

Thanks …they look a neat arrangement