Release date for 1.4?

I saw on a laser everything Youtube stream that they were using version 1.4 with Repeat Marking under laser tools. I have been anxiously awaiting this feature to be able to engrave pens on my table and not have to use ezcad.
Thank you

I don’t think they announce release dates… They release when they are satisfied it’s working correctly.

The repeat marking, isn’t for grbl I don’t think, it doesn’t show up when using a grbl device. I only see it with the fiber connected …


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I have my fiber laser connected with Version 1.3.01 and I don’t see it. What version are you running?

The functionality has not yet been released. As you say, it’s earmarked for 1.4 but LightBurn has never committed to release dates.

I am on the beta 1.4.00 version…

I looked at your profile and there was no fiber listed, only a grbl. That’s why I mentioned it.

Do you have a table for your machine?

I watched the beginning of this video where they design, in Lightburn and cut out a rotary table to use with the D80… I think it’s the D80 rotary… It’s pretty long, so you might just want to get the idea and move on…

Good luck


Yes I have a rotary table and have been using EZCAD to do ink pen engraving for businesses. I don’t like using EZCAD for multiple reasons. I have a 60W Mopa from Cloudray and I have a LS3655 on order from Boss that is due to arrive soon. Ironically I also use lightburn to design projects for my CNC Plasma table also before it goes to Sheetcam for the tool paths. I works very well because SheetCam recognizes the layer colors from lightburn. When I used Fusion 360 and then imported to SheetCam I had to make layers in SheetCam, with lightburn that is not necessary.

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