Releasing a floating license

We use LightBurn in school and have floating licenses for the students. Only one class at a time uses the software, but at times there will be THAT student who doesn’t shut down the software and that one licence is then unavailable until it times out. I have looked in Cryptex, but can only see our actual fixed and floating numbers and who’s laptop is currently using a license - This becomes a problem when I’m in class, I can’t physically find that student (from the previous class) and tell them to shut down LightBurn.

I don’t think we have the ability to force a system off the license unfortunately. We could, in theory, have a timer in LightBurn where if you do nothing for some amount of time the app closes itself, but I’d have to test that carefully and make sure it was on a switch so it didn’t happen when it shouldn’t. If a student had their file open and modified, for example, should I save before closing it? Things like that would need to be decided, and not everyone will agree with those choices, but I’m happy to take suggestions and will consider anything reasonable.

Thinking a bit more, I could have the system just release the license if the system was inactive for long enough - LightBurn will allow some things to happen if you don’t have a license, so the user could still save their work. I’ll think about it a bit.

Thanks for thinking! It would be a really handy feature for schools particularly.

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