Remote control airplane

Sharing my remote control airplane I designed and built. I call it the Jenny Stick, stylized after the Curtis Jenny but with a Slow Stick format for the category of RC planes that are out there for those familiar with them. I have a scale Jenny biplane in the works to be coming out shortly after I finish up one other.

Wingspan is 38" and it weighs in at 3/4ths of a pound, with a power system that is absolutely overkill. This is a great plane to fly all around and easy to assemble.

I have built and sold 7 kits from what I put together as well, not bad for just testing the waters on my first project to be done on my laser cutter.

Short and crude flight video. Flying in some winds, not recommended, but still doable if you are a capable rc pilot as shown. Jenny Stick 2nd test flight - YouTube


Very slick.

Sometimes I’m just sitting in my Lab, looking at this goofy Laser I bought and thinking, “What should I be making with that?” Then I see some of the things like this, that others have done, and I realize this is a pretty early part of a long journey.

Good on ya’



The sky is the limit for that gear, still, it’s a giant amount of work to do, making an RC plane like this, but this is just the tip of the iceberg compared to what these are capable of. I can bust out new planes from scratch much, much faster then doing it with the laser cutter, but I would not be both designing this way, and also, not able to have others enjoy their own final creations based upon it.

Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated! Let that little gadget collecting dust show you what it’s capable of, it’s worth the hassle of learning how to run it!