Remove duplicate lines in project


Trying to cut down the cutting time on this project.
I tried the “Distribute-Move H-Together” and then it pull these 2 pieces together.
But when i run the preview, it runs 2 times over the area where these pieces are on top of each other.
I have no idea which tool to use, I just went through the tools and tested.
This was the one I found.
I also tried the Delete Duplicates, but it does not find any duplicates.

Anyone who knows what I can to to make this only cut once where the pieces are on top of each other?

Thanks in advance

Regards Frank

Delete duplicated will only work if the lines are of exact same size/lenght

Your 2 shapes cant be deleted because in fact they are not duplicated.

Also - side note - the way you are doing it will not achieve your goals because of the tabs. you would have to mirror them

However 1 option you have is Select all > Arrange → break apart
Now you no longer have shapes but you have line segments
Here the delete duplicates will work - to some extent

Maybe upload your LBRN so we could do a few optimization suggestions workflows

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Thanks for the input.
Will play a bit with the Break apart thing.

Here is the file
test for lightburn.lbrn2 (18.5 KB)

I selected from right to left, piece by piece.
Then Distribute - Move H Together, Break Apart.
Then I can CTRL mouse click on the lines between the small squares and delete the line that is on top an still have the small line left (the blue circle)

If I select left to right, then it will delete the long line and I get a gap inside the blue circle.

I bit manually work, but it works and saved me around 10 minutes on my diode laser

Would need to do a bit more work to REALLY optimize it, question is really is it a one off or will you do it 100x of times

if a one off don’t think is worth doing

ideally you would have the SVG already optimized off say illustrator that would be best

For now the, solution I found with the tip from you about the Break apart, it works fine for me.

Thanks again.

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Sorry to step in.
I can suggest another, perhaps faster way

  • Select each of the even shapes and rotate them horizontally one by one

  • Use the Dock left icon (or menu) paying attention to the padding which should be 0

  • Optimize cut settings

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