Remove nearly overlapping lines

When designing in Fusion360 using sheet metal, you can create patterns that you can cut so material is bendable. this is not a problem, works fine to export pattern as DXF and so on. The thing is that in order for this pattern to show in the “rendered” view in Fusion, the lines must have a thicknes (become boxes in exported DXF. My question is then:

Is it possible to make the surface thickness as thick as the kerf of laser. When exporting this to DXF, Lightburn will merge this to a single cut-line?

I know this can easily we fixed by using the base-sketch as export instead of a profile export. But when using the new upcoming Nest function in Fusion360 it would be nice to be able to use the solid model as basis for DXF post processing. This can maybe also be fixed in Fusion post processing, but first I want to check what Lightburn will do with to equal lines that are < then a kerf distant from each other.

If the optimizer “merges/delete” lines that nearly overlap and also disregards lines that are <=kerf long this will work.


The tolerance for merging is smaller than the beam kerf - they really do have to be quite close to be removed.

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