Remove or Sort SHX Font

Hi, probably like a lot of people, when I’m looking for a text design, I’m scrolling through all the font to see the result on my words but when SHX font have been added, I set a path to douzen of SHX files but now, when I want to test some text design, I have all those SHX font that I don’t want to use.

Is there a way to remove the SHX font from the font list? Changing the folder path doesn’t work.

Even better, can we modify the software to either sort the font and list all the SHX together at the end, or separe them in another scroll box, a bit like the bad example below?


We couldn’t have them in a second drop list, because that would be ambiguous - which font did you mean to use? We have discussed sorting or filtering them - allowing you to right-click the font list and choose which fonts to show.

A simple option suggested by others already is to rename your SHX fonts to include a prefix, like 0_ or Z_, depending on whether you want them sorted first or last.

Changing the name and location of these fonts can be used to do what you want.

When you say the following, what does this mean?

You can name them as you’d like and place them in whatever directory you want. You just need to tell LightBurn where they are. Is this not working for you?

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Thanks for the tips all, the solution of adding a prefix to all the SHX font files worked well.

FYI, I used a software names Bulk Rename Utility to add a z_ at the beginning of the 215 font file.

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