"remove over lapping lines"

My software doesn’t seem to “remove over lapping lines” anymore. I have it checked in the optimization settings and it used to work great, but not anymore. I have a trocen 708c controller.

Thank you Jason and team

Thank you for reporting as we have not seen this in our testing. Please provide an example showing this, so we can try and reproduce here. The more details about the exact steps taken and how to reproduce the better.

There are some types of overlap that aren’t removed yet. Specifically:


If the segments that are overlapping are exact, like the middle pair, or one segment is fully overlapped by the other, like the pair on the left, that works. If the two segments overlap with an offset, like the red pair on the right, the software isn’t smart enough yet to deal with that - it’s on our to-do list.

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Strange, I swear it used to be “smarter” maybe I previously did have them arranged better. It is the same file but I have moved some pieces around. You are correct however that if I align them perfectly it does in fact work.

Thank you for the clarification


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