Remove overlap from two images

Hey all.
I have been able to remove overlaps in the past by creating an outline and then welding, but for this set of images I can’t seem to get it. I would like to have the Santa hat fall over the HNT logo without all the mess. I have highlighted in red where the issue is. All, I would like the words Negotiation

to show through the headband of the hat. Thank you all for your time.
Hostage_Xmas.lbrn (852.1 KB)

This is how I did it.
First I ungrouped the christmas hat… duplicate the outer shape on a different color layer (and hide the layer to make things easier)
Then I selected the badge… hold shift and select the outer rim of the hat… tools… cut shapes (and the outer rim of the hat dissapears… but you can easily get it back since you saved it on another layer)

Select the parts of the badge that need to be gone and delete.

Does this make sense?

Hostage_Xmas2.lbrn (608.1 KB)

Much appreciated.

I used ‘Weld’, and ‘kicked’ the Lid (hat) for style points. :wink:
Hostage_Xmas3.lbrn (674.0 KB)


I couldn’t get it to weld. Did you create a thin outline on the hat, and weld to that? I couldn’t get it to take.
Thank you for your response.

Try this…



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Much appreciated! Enjoy your weekend!!!

Thank you. Did that work for you?

It did yes. But to be honest, the final result I was looking for was to have the headband of the hat to be transparent. And removiving any hat lines that blocked the underlying logo. I just wasn’t going to task you to go back and forth. I do appreciate and value your time.

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