Removed rotary now every thing is outside slop

I have been engraving tumblers every thing worked great.I turned off machine unplugged rotary and plugged in other wire and now laser runs intp sides of bed full speed.I installed rotary back and still slop error.Location is center of bed 20x12.Not sure what i done wrong here.Blue n grey chinese with 644 ruida controller

Did you flip the ‘Enable Rotary’ switch as well?

  1. Remember to uncheck the use rotary attachment check box once you are finished so that you do not mess up your next regular project.

Here is a dated, yet helpful document for Rotary Setup: Documentation/ at master · LightBurnSoftware/Documentation · GitHub

Yes but it was running into all four side full speed

How can i slow down the start speed on my rotary?It cuts off the forst letter or leaves it flat sided almost like it starts to fast.I have added a o before the first cut and it stopped the problem but i dont think thats proper way to fix it…Thanks for any info

when i went to disable it was already off

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