Removing Lines from imported images and joining 2 items

Hi m using lightburn I have 2 issues, well 1 really the image is 2 reindeer and i have them standing on Bases, how do i remove the line that goes through the hoof on the left, and Simarly with the boxes on the right i want them squares to be tabs, but as you guessed the laser cut them off 🙂 any help appreciated


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To fix your tabs select large box then shift select small box and then Tools > Boolean Union

To move your line off the hoof, select that box and drag it.

For the tabs, Boolean Subtract works for me.

Thankyou, I got this sorted


In LightBurn, you will need to use the Node Edit tool in order to delete a line across the hoof. Here’s how to accomplish it:

Choose the Node Edit item by pressing the N key on your keyboard or by clicking the ‘Edit Nodes’ item in the toolbar.

You may need to convert the shape to a path if it cannot be selected for node editing. After selecting the shape, perform a right-click and select “Convert to Path”.

To erase a line, hover over it. To remove the section that connects two nodes, press D. Hover your cursor over the line and press I to introduce a new node where you wish the segment to stop if it is not segmented at the correct spots.

The Trim tool can also be used to eliminate spaces between junctions. To trim the segment, hover over it and hit T.

You can see this for reference: adobe illustrator - How to remove line of "join" vector shapes - Graphic Design Stack Exchange