Removing one side of a box

When I make a square with the square tool how do I remove (or delete) one side of it?
It seems to be welded together.
The un-group selection does not seem to do anything at all.

If you created the rectangle in LightBurn it will be created as a special object of type “rectangle”. As a rectangle, it has special properties like width, height, and corner radius that can be changed under shape properties.

However, being a special type you can’t directly edit the nodes of the rectangle. In order to edit the nodes you need to convert the rectangle to a general path shape. You do this by selecting the rectangle and Edit->Convert to path. This will lose the properties of the rectangle and handle the 4-sided shape as a connected series of lines/curves.

Once you convert to shape, switch to the Node Edit tool and click on the shape. While hovering over one line segment, push the letter d on your keyboard. That will delete the line.

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or more easily you make the rectangle with the rectangle tool, then you select it, then you press ALT+B and then you can select the line to delete :wink:

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Break Apart (Alt-B) must do an implied conversion to path so good to know. Be aware that this will leave all the individual line segments disconnected from each other, however. So will not be a 3-sided shape. You can reconnect if you want by selecting all remaining lines and then Edit->Auto-join selected shapes. This will get you back to the same point as the previous method.

Convert to path shortcut is Ctrl-Shift-C.

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Thank you … this is the exact information I needed.

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