Removing part of a line layer without changing the cut line

I’ve read about masking and boolean subtract, but these don’t seem to work for what I’m trying to accomplish.

I want to create text over a background line image, but would like for the background line image to just disappear for a certain margin around the text. What I tried was outlining the text, changing the outline to another layer ( so it can be removed from output later), and then selecting outline then background image, then doing Boolean Subtract B-A.

This seems to remove the background lines, but causes the borders of the Outline appear to become a part of the original background line layer. That is not the desired effect. I want the Outline to be invisible and any lines behind the outlined area to be invisible.

Can anyone explain how that could be done? Thanks!

I can’t quite get my head around what you want.

It seems from the look of it that’s the result you want, but obviously I’ve misunderstood.

From your comments, it sounds like you’ve worked with layer types of software before… A quick note about Lightburn is that the hoops you have to jump through to get some kind of result is generally not required in Lightburn and people make more work than necessary following how they’ve had to do it in the past.

Boolean operation destroy one of the objects, so be aware of that. You may have to duplicate an item if you wish to keep it around.


Hi. Thanks for the response. For clarity I’ve marked around the lines that should not be there. Those are from the Outline effect on the text which I used to determine the area where I did not want to see lines from the recycle symbol that is the background. They should not be completed objects. Just lines that stop at that distance from the text.

Does that make more sense?

All boolean operation will leave a closed object, so this can’t be accomplished with doing this that I know of.

If it’s a small enough area you can go in and manually remove it using the node editornode-edit.

Good luck


Thanks! That will get me there but it’s tedious. I’ve got to look into other editing software that might be easier. The stuff I used to play with is over a decade out of date.

If you want a space between the text and the background, you could try doing an offset around the text then try the boolean operation and then delete the offset,

That didn’t work the way I needed it to.

Using a rectangle you could use the boolean operation. This would make the lines straight and very easy to remove using node edit… probably in one keystroke for each line…

Whatever you chose to get your results… good luck


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