Removing something from an imported image

i have an image that has a word on the bottom corner it that i want to remove but i can not figure out how to detach or remove it?

what is the file format?

If the file is a bitmap, LightBurn does not provide photo edit tools that would allow for removal or masking as you describe. This type of image editing must be done outside LightBurn, then imported.

i tried in corel draw but the image is blue so it did not convert over clearly

not sure my customer sent me the photo, not sure where she found it. it says jpeg

Yes, then at this point you will need to do whatever editing you require to remove the unwanted section using an external photo editing program.

jpeg? Sounds like a job for GIMP.

not familiar with Gimp yet… just learning

Typical programs like “paint” in Windows and Mac allow for simple select and delete. You could try that.

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