Removing system fonts from LightBurn

This is not a LightBurn question per se, but since I realize the LightBurn creator is a damn smart guy and it does actually involve my using lightBurn, I figured it couldn’t hurt to ask here. I really hate having all of the fonts on my computer showing up in LightBurn when I only use certain ones and always have to go thru the list to find the ones I want. I found a YT video of how to delete system fonts using registry editing, and I followed through with that, and while the fonts did indeed get deleted from my fonts folder, I do not think they truly deleted because they still show up in LightBurn, and are useable there. So my question comes down to ‘is there any way to completely remove system fonts from my PC so they do not show up in LightBurn anymore’? Or at least a way to rename them so I can more easily find the ones I want? Thanks!

The deleted fonts may still be cached, have you rebooted this system and restarted LightBurn?

Font names can be edited using a font creation and editing application. Google is your friend. There are many tools (free and paid) and a bunch of ‘how to’s’ on the web that walk through the process of editing an existing font name.

I didn’t think about the fonts being cached. rebooted, and they are indeed gone from LightBurn, hooray! I tried font editing tools once before and there was one that said it was…I think the word was copyrighted…anyway, it wouldn’t let me change the name. I gave up at that point. Perhaps it’s time to try again, as that is my preferred method over deleting them one by one.

One of the members here recently mentioned a tool called “FontBase” and I’ve been using it for a few days now and like it so far.
It allows you to “disable” fonts without uninstalling them. Only fonts on the “enabled” list will show up in your programs, but you can still search through the disabled fonts and enable them when ever you like. It’s free, but there’s also a premium version for a couple bucks a month that gives you additional features. (I’m using the free one so far)
Is multi-platform, Win, Mac, Linux.
Maybe have a look and see if it’s a good tool for you.

That sounds like it would be the perfect solution. I’ll look it up after I get off work tonight. Thanks!

I am using this program as well. It works really well. I also love the font preview, makes it so much easier to select a font based on some text.

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