Removing the Text path

Can I somehow remove the path line I drew with out loosing the wording ?

You can put the path on another layer, and set that layer not to output, or you can select the text and choose ‘Convert to Path’ to make the text just an object. It will no longer be editable as text, but you can safely delete the path after that.

Thanks you for the help

Hi! I know this topic (Removing the Text Path) is closed, but I’m hoping you will still see this comment. Someone asked about removing the path line from text but keeping the text curved, and the answer was to put the path on another layer and set that layer not to output. How do I change the layer when everything (text and circle) is grouped, and can’t be ungrouped without losing the path?

It can be ungrouped without losing the path.

Thank you Oz. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong, but I can’t figure out how to ungroup it or put the text and the circle on different layers. I was able to make it work by converting the text to bitmap, but then it can’t be edited. I’ll try to upload the file so you can see where I am. Sample text with path.lbrn2 (27.2 KB)

Mark your circle and set it to layer T1, then it will not be “printed” but you can still edit your text

Thank you. I didn’t know how to set the circle to a different layer, and I couldn’t find that info in the forums, but I finally figured it out. That seems to work, so thanks again!

It’s fine you’ve got a solution yourself and I’m happy to be able to help