Renaming a Layer, Retains name and settings on New File

In the Cut/Layers window, I renamed C03 to XXXX, saved the file/project. All is good. On the next “New” file/project, I assigned a design to C03 by clicking on the Layers tabs located along the lower bottom of the screen.


Why does Lightburn retain the previous file Layer name XXXX and NOT default back to the default values where “NAME” is blank?

Lightburn 0.9.15
Windows 10 Pro

Designed to provide speed and repeatability. Many will set the name of a layer to the type of cut assigned such as ‘Cut’ or ‘Mark’ and use that same color/lay routinely, Red for ‘Cut’ and Pink for ‘Mark’. This way any source art designed with Red or Pink will automatically be assigned to that layer and those settings will quickly be assigned.

You can always select the ‘Reset to Defaults’ in the ‘Cut Settings Editor’ window.

Thanks Rick … that will work … I like how you folks added the C0 #s on the bottom of the screen.


You can also use the this option in settings and it will always go back to default. You can even set what that default is.

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Thanks … I just saw that feature. Much appreciated.

Now how did i miss that?
For me, the most annoying behavior is that each new project keeps previous layer’s cut settings and I am missing an option to sort by color/layer number so i can figure out in an instant which layer color is free for use instead of going through so many layers and check which one is not used (not to mention layers does not tell me which library item is assigned). this of course would be redundant if we had multiple work-spaces within same project (my projects have multiple shapes for multiple materials on same project/workspace).

Just tried it - still, new projects keeps old settings.

@Jeery Does this option works for you as you expect it to work?

I think i got it now but it seems the cache does not include the name of the layer which would have helped to distinguish between cache/defaults and when assigned from Library. I would have liked to name all defaults like for exp ***** so when assigning a library layer setting it will be clear which is which in the cut/layer settings.

@Squid, I am away from the computer, I will get back to you.






@Jeery Does this option works for you as you expect it to work?


On the Layer Pallet, “Reset to Default”, “Make Default”, and “Make Default For All” is fine.

But the issue is, once you change a setting value and click “Make Default” then and ONLY then is the “Factory Default” setting deleted. Clicking on Reset to Default ONLY resets the setting to the value you enter when you click “Make Default”.

There is no option to RESET TO FACTORY default settings unless you physically change each settings that you changed previously. There needs to be a way to change the user’s Default settings to a clean slate as in Factory Default settings.

In my case, the Name in the Layer window does not default to a blank unless I manually delete the entry and click on “Make Default”. Same as All the other settings.

In the File settings menu, NOT sure what that does but I would guess that it just resets to the USER’S default settings and NOT the FACTORY DEFAULT values.

You can rename and save one layer’s name to any name you want and make it default but you can’t make this default name for all layers. this is a pity.

Here i want all layer’s names to be * * * * but this works only for a single layer which cannot be the default for all layers - at least i failed to figure this out.
Also, i would have liked to see the library profile / settings assigned to each layer but this does not work like that. i never managed to see the library entry in cut/layers window. maybe this is possible but i couldn’t make this happen.

But what if you want a clean slate …

Dono. I admit i know little about any other workflow as i am used to assigning colors to shapes then assigning library entry to those. in case of a multiple layer/material project this gets messy. my wish was to have the same clean slate for all layers and when assigning library item to each to see which was assigned in this same cut window next to each layer.

I believe I am off to a good (re)start and this is the continuance of a beautiful friendship.
The only thing that I’m missing now is when i assign a library cut item to see which one is it in the cut’s window name column. in this screenshot Layer 02 is from Library and you can’t tell what material it is for.

We could have a “reset to LightBurn defaults”, but it seemed a bit silly, since we support everything from 1w diode lasers to 200w cutting beasts, and everything in between. The “defaults” we supply will not be reasonable power or speed values for most users, though all the other settings would get cleared (perforation, tabs, cut through, kerf, etc, etc).

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Perhaps just clear to a blank or Zero value, Name blank and retain the C01 through Cxx. Nothing happens user goes back and enters his values.

On the other hand if I wanted a clean state, I reset to factory default.

While editing a cut setting, if you hold shift while clicking on “Reset to Default” it will clear it to the LightBurn default value and even restore the name.

It ONLY resets the current Layer to the Lightburn Default but does not reset on NEW file. Therefore, using the shift + reset to default works on the layer you have opened.

If you hold Shift+Restore to Default, then click ‘Set as Default’ will that not do what you’re asking for?