Renenewing my licens

why can´t I start my LB
I have just renewing my licens, but the program don´t start
it tell me to renew my licens

What is “it”?

If “it” is LightBurn, how can “it” be telling you anything if “the program don´t start” as you say.

Looking into our systems, I see you have a valid license providing you updates through mid-November of next year. No renewal needed at this point.

Please explain what is or is not happening in detail.

You paid for the renewal, but they are processed manually. 12 hours ago, I was asleep. :slight_smile:

The only reason LightBurn would not start if your license expired is if you tried to use a new version with a key that expired before it was released, OR you were running LightBurn 0.9.04 or older, before we fixed a bug that treated an expired key as an error.

I couldn´t start the program because I have downloaded the latest version,
and I had to renewing.
I did renewing but the program didn´t start at that time.
I have now, no problems because they have got the money thru t the paypal
and I have the latest version going on right now.
So everything is alright now.
THX everyone for taking your time to read this, I was confused before.

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