Renew License Is A No Go

It’s been a few months since I used my lightburn (It’ Had Expired) and I renewed it last night… Now I can not get it to restart with the renewed key…Says I need to deactivate it but it close out of the program…What do I need to do?

The renewal can take up to a day before your computer “sees it” - it has to contact our license server to see the change. Did you install a newer version of the software immediately? If so, when it brings up the license screen, wait about 10 seconds or so for it to contact our license server, then restart the program and see if that works.

If you can show a screen shot of the message you’re getting, that would also help. Having said that, license issues are generally best resolved by emailing support, because we can’t have you post your key here.

I have sent email to support with no reply…Here is a couple of pics…The key was copied and pasted from the renew email I got…No I did not paste it in the Trail ID Section

‘Activation Limit Reached’ means that the key is already registered on the maximum number of computers allowed for the key.

I looked up your info and you had two computers on your key that were last run in May. I’ve removed both so you can activate whatever computer you wish to use now. You can do this too, using your gmail address to request a password reset from our license portal. (<< click that for instructions)

Big Thank You Sir…I am back up and running

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