Renew plus upgrade

do i renew my license then just upgraded to DSP , or should i take different steps

If you need DSP devices and your time is almost up, then yes you will need to do both.

Our script should process it automatically. I am curious to know if this breaks it or not :slight_smile:

Try to add both to your cart, make sure you enter the license key correctly for both, and do a single order. If it fails we’ll handle it manually so no worries. This will be a good test. :slight_smile:

ok ill try it in a bit
2:35 paid for, but wont be able to check if it works with my ruida till later today

Cool. We manually run the script a few times a day. Once you receive the “order fulfilled email” you will know it has been processed. It may take up to 24 hours for this to happen.

i just realized i purchased a dsp license and not the upgrade… um what do i do now
i have 2 keys now :frowning:

always human error im sorry

If you purchased a DSP key, but meant to purchase a renewal and a DSP upgrade, the difference is only $10 (Renew = $30, DSP Upgrade = $40, DSP license = $80)

Since the DSP license is valid from today, I could refund you $10, and just delete the old GCode license, and it would end up the same - you’d have a fresh year with the new key, and the price would be the same as if you did the renewal and upgrade at the same time. You’d just need to enter the new key - does that work for you?

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i purchased a dsp key and a renew so it was 80 + 30 lol , yeah sorry i messed it up

You should be all sorted out now - Original key has been upgraded, new key has been deleted, $40 has been refunded.

thank you so much you guys are the best :slight_smile:

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