Renewal after I have paid

I was told pay once, use forever. Why am I being required to pay $30 today?

You may continue to use the version you now have forever.

If you want further upgrades during the next year, that’s what your thirty bucks buys.

Their writeup explains it in more detail:

A related question… If I take a pass on the $30 annual support fee, and continue with the version that I have, will I be able at a later date to upgrade to a newer version by paying that $30 fee (or whatever it may be at the time).

I am but another user, but that’s how I interpret this:

Renewing your license will add a year of updates from today.

On the other paw, renewing early gets you a couple of additional months, plus helps them keep the fans whirring.

Just to be clear, you are not “required” to update, but we do recommend as we fix issues and add functionally with every release. Not required, but worth reviewing the release notes for any new version at a minimum.

Yes, you can pay the $30 renewal at any time, which would then entitle you to updates from the day you renew for another 365 days. As has also been stated, if you pay the $30 to upgrade before your 365 days expires, you will get 14 months of upgrades for the price of 12. All of which is outlined in the official documentation here:

Many thanks for that very clear and helpful answer to my query.


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