Renewed license after 1 year - but unable to download new version

Had ligthburn for just over a year now, really impressed no problems, but wanted to renew license to get lastest version with text to curve etc.
Anyway i don’t seem to be able to change my exisitng version i just keep gettng, ‘Deletfile failed - code 5’ then stops. I’m not really that computer savvy, when googled it it said something like, try closing Syncback and try again?
Thanks folks

It means you are probably still running the current version of LightBurn - It can’t install the new one if the old one is running.

Thanks Oz,
When you say ‘running the old one’, yes i’m still physically still using it, but want the newer version, to download the new version i’m starting through the ‘help’ button on Lightburn, - check for updates then downloading through there, in the meantime i’ve closed the version of lightburn I am running on my desktop but still only get as far as Deletfile failed - code 5, so yes there is still something running in the background?

It opens your browser for the download, but you have to close LightBurn before you continue the install. That will fix it.

Thanks for your help, downloaded it now.
Closed everthing down, then installed it, rather than run, then installed it from windows download file and it’s okay now

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