Renewing license doesn't reset deactivations?

I just noticed that renewing my license doesn’t appear to reset the deactivations counter on my license management page. Is that the intended behaviour? I go through computers like some people go through socks… and the choice to do that just seems kind of weird.

I believe these are independent functions from what I’ve seen. I’d suggest emailing if you’ve run up on your deactivations limit and I’m sure they’ll sort it out for you.

They might be independent, but shouldn’t be. I think it’s a simple oversight on their part, and they could easily have that reset whenever you renew and then it wouldn’t require one of their already busy team to have to manually set a value that could have easily been scripted.

I’m posting here because, if this is intentional, they should say so on the renewal store page so somebody doesn’t pay to renew a “used-up” key. I’m really hoping that wasn’t their intent.

I emailed them about this before. It’s to prevent code misuse. It’s easily reset or extended with an email to support.

The number of times one can deactivate is independent and managed by us directly. As mentioned, this is the help with a key inadvertently getting into the wild. It protects your investment and ours. Easy enough to bump, and has nothing to do with renewals.

That said, looking into our systems using the email you use here, I see only 2 out of the 10 available deactivations have been used on that key. Are you getting some message that has limited your use in some way?

No, not at all. Haven’t had an issue on this license, and have had very good luck with the laptops lately so haven’t yet burned through my deactivations but that luck is sure to run out soon. It wouldn’t change the value of the software for me, but it might change my schedule on renewal vs. purchasing a new key outright. Just looking into the future. Fortunately, it’s a moot point.
Thanks for the prompt reply. You guys rock!

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You are welcome.

For clarity, there is no need to include your purchasing decisions with the number of Deactivations available. When you get to a spot you fell you are reaching your limit of ones available (say when you have 2 left), just pop us a quick note via, and we will add more for you at no cost. Done. No worries. You don’t need to buy anything additional. :slight_smile:

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