Repair after short circuit

I have a GS-1490 co2 laser that was working fine until I had a high power short that grounded to the machine. The computer, controller, main bord and power supply that operates the glass tube were all destroyed. I have done my best to get back up and running I replaced everything mentioned above and I can control the steppers to jog the head around and frame and the laser fires when I hit the pulse button. Sounds good so far the problem is that when I send a file over to be burned the laser fires but there is no movement from the steppers. Any help would be appreciated. New controller is a rdc6445g the original was a anywells awc708c the power supply is from cloudray and has the same ports and power input as the original.

Did you configure the new controller to the settings of your previous controller?

Has Lightburn been reconfigured for the new controller?


Humm… no how would I go about doing that? I assumed since I can jog, frame and fire with the pulse button i was good to go.

I would not think a HV short to ground would damage anything except the power supply, but…

Generally you make a backup of your machine, when you get it. That way all the information about how the motors and other components are configured will be available if there is a failure. It’s also a good idea, as it’s easy to modify one and forget what you did. You can restore it back to a known state.

Then you could set up your new controller with the same parameters.

I have one for grbl, Ruida and another for the Ruida with a rotary…

All of these are ‘generic’ controllers and have a basic setup, but have ‘vendor’ settings that ‘customize’ it to the components they used. If you can connect to you old controller, maybe you can get the information. Or contact the manufacturer.

Did you happen to purchase your controller from the manufacturer of you machine?

It must be configured relatively close to be be able to move the head. The same hardware path is used internally, so I’d think it has to be a configuration problem. That and you did not keep your configuration data…

Good luck


Fixed. Controller was shot, new one is in and I’m up and running.