Repairing Boss HP3650 laser

Would anybody have a Boss Laser 3650 that could check which wire colors and connections are used to connect to the laser power supply. The connections are TH,TL,WP,G,IN,5V. The supply had been disconnected and I need to know how to rewire it.

You might get some responses from communicating directly with the nice folks at Boss if you haven’t already.

Thanks Rick,
I checked their site for information and talked with before. But it may be worth me calling again. Its not my machine but one I am trying to fix for a friend. I know they switched the TH and TL wires and had them wrong but I have that corrected. I am afraid they also changed some other wires when they changed from the Boss laser PSU to a Cloudray PSU. With a resistor test I can only get a 20Ma reading and it should be about 38 Ma I think. Cloudray says the output is correct for 150 watt machine. The machine cuts but is way under power.
Thanks for your suggestion

Hi Glenn,
Do you know if it’s an HP or LS machine? I have the wiring schematic as I have both types of lasers at home. Also, do you have a Co2 power meter?

Hi Ken
That would be awesome ! It is an HP model. They do have a laser power meter for measuring the beam strength.

Hi Glenn,

This is for all Gen V HP machines. Hope it helps!

What does the meter read right out of the tube, before the mirror?

Hi Ken

I think this may help a lot. It is currently wired with TH and TL connections. There is nothing connected to the IN port. So I will change that and let you know what changes. That’s a good idea taking a reading before it hits the first mirror so I will get that reading also. It may be next week before I can get over there and try it.

Thanks for your help

If memory serves me correctly, the IN acts as the power amount signal. That could explain the issue. I’ll do some more digging to refresh my memory. Had a similar issue with loss of power, but I had a tube failure on my 60 watt LS1630, twice! My new HP2436 150 watt machine wasn’t reading where it should’ve when I got it a few months ago and requested a new tube. The meter I bought already paid for itself.

If for some reason, it is the power supply, you might want to check these folks out:

Let me know how you make out.


Hi Ken
Thanks for the link or power supply. I sincerely hope it is not the power supply. They have purchased 3 power supplies and all 3 have the same issue and all check the same 20 Ma.
There seems to be no control over the power output.
Currently it is wired as follows
TH = green wire
TL = red wire labeled La
WP = 2 green wires, one is labeled W1 the other has no label
G = yellow wire labeled I
IN = open, no wire
5V = open, no wire

Thank you

Hi Ken
Sorry for taking so long to get back to you. But I had a rental property that had some water damage I had to fix first.
Thanks for helping with the schematic, however the machine is not wired the same way as that. I did find that they had shorted the receptacle where the power comes in. It was reading 110 to ground on 1 leg and 207 to ground on the other leg. I bypassed the receptacle to supply the proper voltage of 110 per leg to ground. It allowed me to get the full 20 Ma that the power supply says it is outputting. The power supply is suppose to out put 38Ma so I think that the power supply has been damaged running it with the wrong voltage.
The good news is I can now adjust the power and it is cutting. I think the Mirrors are not lined up correctly as it is giving a large shadow when it cuts. So we will replace the receptacle and line up the mirrors before testing. But it sounds like a new power supply is probably going to be needed.
Thanks again for all your help

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