Repeat last action or bulk selection of drill holes for applying same scale/size

I am working on a new project which all the drill holes sizes are in inches.
I am now working hard to change all drill holes to mm and that’s one tedious work - that is to say the least. any tips or tricks to select all drill holes in such a way lightbun will consider all selected as separated objects for me to change all sizes at once? i wished to have a right-click: repeat last action as well.


Hi, only owned an engraver for a short time but couldn’t you do 1 and just use the duplicate option and place them where you want?
not sure if this will help or not.

Did you draw the circles in Lightburn, or import them?
Are all circle diameters the same size?

If they are all actual circles (and weren’t scaled) you can just select them all and change the width & height in the Shape Properties at the same time. If they are not true circles, you’d have to do them one at a time.

I see.
These are indeed perfect circles and selecting all did allow me to change their individual scale using shape properties (size shown as “multi”) unlike the size/scaling up on the left side top menu which scales the entire shape created by all selected shapes as one single object. still, regardless of the method used - that’s a lot of work. the top/left sizing allows you to lock the aspect ratio, the shape properties do not so either way it is a lot of mouse clicks as it is. the fact that i can use the shape properties looks promising. i will check this out today. A right click mouse menu to apply latest actions used (and come to think about it - select all same size circle option) feels like a nice features for such cases but i need more experience with such complex projects to request new features. it’s just i have literally hundreds of drill holes to change now so I will be the wiser when done. lightburn is really fast and fun to work with. it just feels like many mouse moves and click for repeating actions that just might, somehow, be reduced.

Hi, These are DXF documents which all sizes are in inches. i need to change all drill holes to match my mm bolts/bearings. there are few drill hole’s sizes, like 6-8 different sizes and we are talking hundreds of these…

Hi Kris,
We are talking hundreds of drill holes with different sizes all over the place. the only way is to resize these is at their current placing.


LBRN files are metric, and easily editable with a text editor like Notepad++ without having to write any code. If your files are consistent, and you are basically switching one diameter / radius for another, and keeping the center point of each circle in the same location, it’s pretty easy to accomplish in Notepad++

Notepad++ has a macro editor that allows you to create a search and replace of the entire document. If you are always replacing an “X1” diameter with an “X2” diameter it is pretty easy to do. You record a macro with all of your possible scenarios, and save the macro. When you want to run it on a saved LBRN file you just imported from a DXF file, open the Notepad++ macro editor and run that saved macro on the file.

Message me if you want help in learning how to do it.

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Ralph, you opened my eyes. it never crossed my mind to edit lbrn files and I do this for many other project files like cura projects and such. sometime we need someone else to wake us up. I will edit the file now and see what i get. Many Thanks.

Ralph, Just to let you know this workaround of yours works like a charm.
Thank you so much.

You are welcome. It’s just a matter of being careful.

The recorded macro data for notepad++ resides in the file:


Sounds like a simple macro/plugin within lightburn.
Hope to see such features as part of lightburn’s next generation release v1.x


LightBurn project files were created like this to allow people to easily create them, alter them, etc. Doing this kind of thing in LightBurn itself is a little harder, but at some point I want to add Python scripting support to the system, which will open up a lot of options.

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