Repeat lines before moving

Alright, so I’m working on some powdercoated cups, as some of you know, the cleanup on these can be a pain.

I’m using a roller rotary, that I dont trust to run the image twice. But is there a way to make it go over the line twice before moving, basically running the image twice but not going all the way through first? Hopefully that makes sense lol

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I believe you’re asking if LightBurn can run over a single scan line forward, then backward, before moving on to the next scan line, and no that is not currently an option. I’m not sure Ruida controllers would even let me do that, though it might be worth a try.

You could duplicate your design, put the duplicate on a new layer with the same settings, but with the Angle set to 180 - that would run the second pass top to bottom instead of bottom to top, and would be much gentler in terms of motion on the rotary itself.

That sounds like a solution that could potentially work. I will give it a shot.

I do believe that being able to scan lines multiple times before moving would be a useful function if it’s possible to add it in.

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