Repetier manual control ok, LB ko

Hey there, nice to meet you all, it’s a new user here!

LightBurn seems a great software but I can’t manage to make it work with my machine.

Ok, let’s back it up.

I’ve recently converted an old 3D printer to a laser engraver, keeping most of the mechanics and changing its electronics and firmware.

My current set up:

  • Arduino mega 2560 rev 3;
  • RAMPS board 1.4;
  • Marlin firmware;
  • chinese 2.3 W laser module;
  • Repetier Host as control software;
  • driver from Arduino IDE for USB communication with controller;
  • LightBurn 0.9.19;
  • Baud rate 115.200;

So far, i’ve configured Marlin to fit my machine’s specs and remapped RAMPS pin 9 to pin 44 in order to get a proper 5V PWM signal from D9 connector (formerly, 12V fan output) to control the laser module.

Everything’s fine (tested using Repetier Host for manual control, engraved some pics and logos using Inkscape plugins for g code conversion).

Now, I’ve installed LightBurn with its FTDI driver, added my Arduino-RAMPS-Marlin device (automatically detected as “GRBL-M3 (1.1e or earlier)” ) and connected to the same COM port as the one I use with Repetier.

It seems there are problems on the connection side.

First of all, when I connect the USB cable, Lightburn correctly shows the port in the drop down menu (COM7, in my case) but console is stuck with the same message “Waiting for connection…”.

The only way I get a successful connection is by first connecting with Repetier, shutting the connection, and then reconnecting with Lightburn (this time I get all the info’s from the controller on the console, as shown below).

And yet, even once the connection seems up and running, motors don’t perform any move when I send manual “move” commands from the related panel.

To sum up:

Connection via Repetier is successful, commands are properly executed.

Connection via LightBurn is not always successful, and when it’s ok, direct commands are not executed (no movements, no laser turning on/off).

Issues communicating with Marlin?

Issues on FTDI USB drivers?

Any ideas?

Sorry for this long post, hopefully exhaustive.

I’d really love to use LB, it’s amazing, but unfortunately useless if I can’t solve the problem…


Just to add more info.
Sometimes I get this:

but, again, no manual movements nor any other commands are performed :frowning:

Not sure why you are using 3d printer firmware on a laser.


Thanks for your reply :slightly_smiling_face:
I’ll surely give GRBL a try, hoping this will help to solve my issue.
Nevertheless, since Marlin is supposed to be supported, I’d like to come over my problem on my current setup too…
I’ll get back ASAP :+1:

It’s just not an ideal motion control system for lasers. It moves, it tells both sides what’s happening, but it isn’t as good at the high speeds needed for lasers. works great at .5mm/sec, tho. :slight_smile:

And it’s a tried-and-true solution that there’s a huge amount of setup literature on.

Ok Bo, got your point, thanks again.
Your answer and a bit of searching made my mind clearer about my asset against my goals.
Since i’d like to be able to perform both image-engraving and cuts over time (upgrading my current laser module, eventually), I was thinking about switching to more powerful controllers, I.e. 32 bit boards, instead of struggling to adapt my 3D printer setup to fit a laser machine requirements.
All above said, would you suggest me something LB-supported (tested) and affordable (let’s say <= 50$)?
NOTE: CO2 lasers or Ruida stuff are out of my short-term plans, I was looking for something more hobby-style :wink:

A smoothieware-capable controller from smoothieboard, or its clones is a great option.

Typically they have better drivers than Marlin/Grbl boards.

MKR 1.3, SKR (?) 1.3, Cohesion3D, Smoothieboard,

I have Marlin2 running a first generation K40 that works fine for my needs. From your description, I have a feeling your motor settings in Marlin need some tweaking.

Direct control under Repetier Host or running gcode files works fine, indeed…
Issues only with LB :thinking:

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