Replaced Mirror 2 mount - requires MODs

Was thinking that if i replaced the old Mirror 2 mount, with this:


That I would have way more ability to adjust the beam, with X, Y, and Z abilities.

Well, YES, it does move in those 3 axis.

However, I had to modify the heck out of it to do this, as the slots don’t line up with existing brackets slots.


  1. Base is really THICK compared to thin metal Z bracket on old mount, which raises mirror considerably.
  2. X axis slots are too far to the left, so had to drill and tap new holes way to the right.
  3. All axis screws are M4, but adj. slots are too wide, allowing it to wobble left and right, tremendously making any axis slide difficult, w/o changing another axis angle. I wanted to just loosen the Y, and slide it closer to M1, but it wobbled and drastically changed X.
  4. When you think u almost have it perfect, you run out of slide ability. Had to remove and drill and file each slot longer by almost 1/4".

Went from 20mm to 25mm mirror, so that helped some.

I also like that I can now use the metal hole out in front of the mirror for tape, and not have to deal with paper directly on mirror.

This is really good material and quality, just needs longer and wider slots, if not multiple slots so you can choose which slots you need.

Finally have it in place, and the additional Z adjustment allows me to nail the M3 head hole.

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looks like a nice mirror mount.
I’d like to make a point on something you mentioned. you should never put tape or paper on or in front of your mirrors. I always remove my mirrors and replace them with a wooden disk. then put the tape or whatever on the wood for multiple tests. Then when everything is hitting the center replace the wooden disk with the mirror.

Hi Dean,
Thats exactly why I replaced my old M2 mount, since the new mount has the metal hole hanging out in front of the mirror. The mount is nice, and screw adjustments are great, however, it needs more ability to slide all the axis.

All that adjustability comes at a price when there are multiple components, where each one slides. Not much standardization in this area.
Fabricating the lower section might be the way to go.

Agree, I have it fully modified now. Having an M4 tap is definitely a must.

Hoping at some point some of these mfg’s will start using a standard, like the light weight adjustable head that Russ came up with.