Replacement parts for ruida 700x500 laser engraving machine

I think I got lucky with my eBay purchase of my laser. I say that because I read lots and lots of reviews from many different vendors prior to my purchase. I took a gamble on the cheaper option at the cost of little to no customer support and possibly a low quality product. I could go on and on but the purpose of this post is to get recommendations on replacement parts for future needs. Slide bearings, belts, power supply, tubes, etc. I have seen cloudray and they offer a lot of parts. What are some of the parts you have had to replace and where did you purchase them?

It is not the mechanical parts you have to worry about. Most of the issues are with the cheap electronics that are used. I try and upgrade when things go south. There is not really one company over another until you need a particular part. This is because there might be someone out there that has made improvements on the part you need. So goes the cycle of lasers!

Can you give examples of the electronics you have needed to replace and where you got them please

I replaced my PSU with one from CloudRay, very fast service. I replaced all the power wiring with ‘proper’ UK standard wire and fittings, also the three sockets on the rear panel were replaced with standard IEC sockets, these parts were from eBay as pretty simple items.


I have had to replace the laser power supply twice. Only issue in over a year of using my Chinese 60 Watt unit. I have used orionmotortech on ebay. Very reliable and stand behind their products.


Thank you. Looks like I should buy a backup power supply.

Wow, your parts are expensive, a 25mm ZnSe lens for $340? I get ii-iv infrared high quality ZnSe lenses for $50 from Cloudray Laser.

Can’t find orionmotortech we’re can I get a laser tube for the 60watt laser engraver

Try or

Both companies sell high quality laser tubes at reasonable prices. And they actually put out at least what they are advertised to, usually slightly more.