Replacing analog ammeter with digital

Hi all,

While I have my machine in bits, I’ve been toying with the idea of replacing my damaged analog ammeter with a digital one.

I’ve noticed the digital ones come in 2 varieties: 4-30v and 0-100v. Which one would I need for a 130w Chinese laser?

Also, has anyone replaced an analog with a digital. Is it something maybe I should stay away from?


You need a milliammeter not a volt meter.

Here is a great resource

He has a recommondation

This is were Don hangs out if you want to ask questions

keep in mind digital meters are quite slow to respond, that’s why analog meters are recommended

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I have installed this digital ammeter in my K40 so i can keep max current below or up to 15mA. you should be able to use it with your 130W since it is rated up to 999mA and you only need up to ~30mA. once you set max with lightburn you do not really need it anymore as you control max power by the App so speed is not really an issue and i bet it will be as good as analog one cause needle is as slow to react. this digital one samples 5 times a sec - more than enough for the job.

Here is some more reading in the subject. I second @BCanning & @HalfNormal observation on digital vs. Analog

Just not to get confused between K40 digital panel which generates analog voltage to PSU’s TTL input and an Ammeter to measure actual electric current going through the tube. K40’s Digital panel reading is in % and there is no correlation whatsoever with the actual current. so whatever panel you chose, you will have to add an Ammeter - digital or analog based on your preferences.

Here is a solution that should make both camps happy

With 93 Amps you should be able to blow our moon to pieces :wink:

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Those are definitely 130w CO2 lasers. Anyone got a link to the beam combiner there though?

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YES! Now I just need to fab up a design for 8 co2 tubes.

@Squid Yeah but does it have a digital ammeter? :rofl:

No need.
Just power your laser using a flux capacitor and then measure the change in earth’s magnetic declination to determine your laser tube actual power output.

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Indeed, Nothing beats DeLorean’s powerhouse.

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Nice to have that kind of money…

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Thank you @LightBurn and team

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