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Very shortly I will be buying a laser engraver that uses the 2021 Lightburn software. I will be using a laboratory information management system (LIMS) to keep track of inventory. Is lightburn compatible with reporting tools such as Microsoft Reporting Services or other SQL Server Reporting Services?

You may need to elaborate on what you’re trying to accomplish and what role you’re expecting LightBurn to have in that process. As-is, it’s hard to even contextualize this.

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The items/samples will have a barcode or QR code engraved or etched onto it. The items will then be scanned into the LIMS. I was wanting to know if Brightburn could automatically send the barcode numbers right into the LIMS itself.

Is this the workflow you’re imagining:

  1. generate QR code in LightBurn
  2. engrave item/sample using LightBurn and laser
    3a) scan item/sample into LIMS
    3b) integrate LightBurn to LIMS to provide barcode information

If so, I’m not aware of any facility within LightBurn that’s explicitly designed to integrate and “push” data to a reporting service but the LightBurn guys can elaborate if required.

Either way I don’t think you’d want LightBurn functioning as the system-of-record for your barcode numbers. You’d probably be better off generating the numbers in some other system or perhaps from LIMS itself and pushing that data to LightBurn to generate the QR code engrave on the tail-end of the workflow.

Alternatively I suppose you could create a tool or script that could read the lbrn file to get the barcode data and integrate with LIMS.

Thank you for the response, that help clears my question up. As far as I am aware, the LIMS will be supplying the barcode numbers to the laser to engrave onto the sample. The barcode numbers will also be sent into the SSRS from the LIMS too.

Okay. If LIMS Is providing the number is there a reason you’re looking for LightBurn to provide this as well? Is this part of some loop closing process?

To prevent any of the barcode numbers being mixed or fat fingered when programming the laser, I was wanting the LIMS to directly input the barcode number into the brightburn to engrave. I guess with that said, brightburn just needs to be able to read the files it gets sent.

LightBurn can import a number of different file formats. You could generate a file that LightBurn could read.

LightBurn can also handle variable text / merge and looks like that’s available in the QR code feature as well.

Take a look here:
Variable Text Basics - LightBurn Software Documentation

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Thank you, that is exactly what I was looking for.

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